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Nick Mwendwa’s Re-election Bid Receives a Major Boost As Nairobi Stima Chairman Endorses Him For A Second Term In Office As FKF President

Nairobi Stima chairman Johnstone Akwabi Sakwa has endorsed Football Kenya Federation (FKF) president Nick Mwendwa for a second term in office.

Sakwa says Nick Mwendwa should be allowed more time to complete the projects he had initiated immediately he took charge at the federation.

“It is in the best interest of football in the country to allow the strides made through the current leadership of the FKF and, in particular, Mwendwa to continue. My opinion is based on several facts of football management I have seen since he took over office,” Sakwa said.

Sakwa has singled out Nick Mwendwa for praise over the manner in which his office has handled the issue of promotion and relegation over the years during his time at the helm of the federation.

“The issue of promotion and relegation has been handled professionally in the sense there is no manipulation as was the case before, where taking a lead in the league was no guarantee for promotions.”

His statement comes at a time FKF is in the eye of a storm after declaring Gor Mahia champions of the KPL and promoting Nairobi City Stars and Bidco before the conclusion of the KPL and NSL leagues.

He opines that the development of football at the grassroots has remarkably improved after FKF established the appropriate structures. This, he says, can be attested to by the impressive performance of the national women soccer team on the international platform.

“The statistics and provision for the matches and in particular the NSL have greatly improved and, therefore, given great value in decision making and the development of football at the grassroots is a success story that must be enhanced and looking at the success of the women’s team that has placed Kenya on the map is something to appreciate.”

Sakwa lauded the federation’s effort in establishing a conducive environment, pointing out that teams representing the country in different competitions appeared more motivated than before.

“The management of the teams representing the country at all levels in preparedness and motivation is better than the years before, it is not perfect but much better.

He still feels there is room for improvement and a lot more could be achieved if the current office is given more time to work their goals.

“It is important to say there are shortcomings and not all things have been achieved which requires more time and continuity to arrive at the future we all expect.

Asked why he thought it prudent to root for Nick Mwendwa‘s re-election, Sales said he envisaged a better future for Kenya under his reign.

“I think what has been done by FKF in a few years is what has not been done for many years and I envisage a leap into the future with glee and anticipation if Nick Mwendwa is given a chance devoid of interference and a stumbling block in order to bring this dream even closer.”

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