Mwendwa’s Leadership Encourages Career Growth And Development- Bader

Mwendwa's Leadership Encourages Career Growth And Development- Bader 1

Local football coaches can now realize their dreams and progress through their career paths way much faster than in the past when one would be stuck in the same position for many years.

FIFA Instructor and former Northern Wanderers Coach Noordine Bader have commended the current leadership whom he says has finally managed to establish proper structures to provide those seeking to advance their careers with a fertile ground to help them realize their full potential.

Bader said that in the past one would be a coach at a certain level and would end up remaining in the same position owing to lack of clear progression structures.

“We are now able to see the changes that we were all looking for. Nick loves to give everyone an equal opportunity. In the past, some people got stuck in the same positions for years. At least now there is the progression in career paths,” he said.

He further pointed out that Mwendwa had succeeded in rising above the numerous challenges he had inherited from the previous regime, and trusted that if given another term in office, he’d be able to do much more.

“Of course there are some teething problems whenever you inherit an organization that has had many issues. You inherit debts, you inherit problems. I believe if Nick Mwendwa’s administration is given more time to execute their plans for football in the country, we have a bright future awaiting us,” said Bader.

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