Mwendwa Is An Upright Individual Who Cannot Work With Dishonest People, Says Malweyi

Nick Mwendwa is an upright individual who doesn’t tolerate dishonest people around him, a football administrator has said.

FKF Nairobi West Branch secretary Caleb Malweyi described the Football Kenya Federation president as a man of integrity whose transactions at Kandanda House have always been above board throughout his tenure.

Malweyi further revealed that working smoothly with Mwendwa demanded that one should have the same level of honesty and integrity.

“I know Nick as a good person, as a passionate person. One thing that Nick inspires me with is his high level of integrity. He wants to work with honest people, people who regard themselves highly,” said Malweyi.

He says that Mwendwa’s integrity had inspired other leaders to try as much as possible to deliver on the ground in order to help him with his dream.

His sentiments come a couple of days after the FKF South Rift Branch Chairman, David Bunei also said that Nick Mwendwa’s team had proven beyond any reasonable doubts to be comparatively accountable and transparent in its management of football funds at Kandanda House.

“The current administration of FKF is a very good one, especially in terms of accountability,” said Bunei.

He said that the impeccable yearly financial reports presented to stakeholders at the AGMs lent credence to Mwendwa’s integrity since he took charge of the federation four years ago.

Mwendwa’s office has demonstrated its accountability by being able to produce an accurate and verifiable record of how it has spent funds, by establishing an adequate system for recording and reporting on financial transactions that clearly show how much was received, how much was spent and evidence that the funds aided activity as agreed by the funder.

“We have been seeing the accounting report on a yearly basis as per the regulation of Funds Under Management (FUM) 2012 . The Federation is very transparent in that they show all their accounts of the year inclusive of the assets hence no complains of poor accountability from the members,” said Bunei.

Bunei further said that the federation had since its inauguration been keen to play ball according to accounting and budgeting rules.

“The Federation follows the accounting and budgeting rules set by FIFA which puts the administration in good books with its members.”

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Written by Senior Editor