Mwendwa In Deep Trouble As 11 Aspirants Unite To Send Him Home.

Nick Mwendwa

They have accused the Mwendwa-led team of hatching a plot to extend their stay in office through unorthodox means.”

Eleven FKF presidential aspirants have initiated the process of collecting signatures to enable them to submit a petition to Fifa, Cabinet Secretary of Sports and the Sports Registrar.

The petition seeks to disband Football Kenya Federation and instead replace it with a normalization committee that will afford stakeholders an opportunity to convene round-table discussions on the way forward for Kenya Football Federation (FKF) elections.

“We, the undersigned wish to petition FIFA, the Amb. Amina Mohammed, Cabinet Secretary of Sports, Culture and Heritage, and the Sports Registrar of Kenya to kindly but urgently disband Football Kenya Federation as currently constituted in light of the expiry of the term on the NEC.

They also want a Normalization Committee established in line with Article 8 and 14 of the FIFA Statutes whose mandate would include running the daily affairs of FKF.

The petition further seeks to review the FKF Constitution 2017 and the FKF Electoral Code.

They also want FKF elections conducted immediately after the voter register is reviewed and approved with respect to the Sports Act.

Inspection Of Accounts

Milton Nyakundi

They are further calling for immediate inspection of FKF account books as required by the Sports ACT 2013.

The aspirants are Milton Nyakundi, Michael Esakwa, Simon Mugo, Lordvick Aduda, Steve Mburu, Angeline Elijah, Andrew Amukowa, Alex Magelo, Moses Akaranga, Twaha Mbarak and Sam Nyamweya.

In a letter dated 22, June 2020, the aspirants say they hold a unison voice for other stakeholders in the game of football, including clubs, players, coaches, referees, and the Sports Disputes Tribunal.

They have accused the Mwendwa-led team of hatching a plot to extend their stay in office through unorthodox means.

“We, the football Kenya stakeholders comprising aspirants for various positions in the forthcoming Football Kenya Federation elections wish to put on record our gravest concerns over the unmerited delay in the elections primarily on the premise of a foiled plot by the immediate former regime to rig themselves back into office.”

The aspirants say they are deeply worried about FKF’s failure to conduct free and fair elections even after the term of the current officials expires in February this year.

“The failure by the Football Kenya Federation to hold credible elections before the end of the now-ended term of office is a matter of serious concern as it halts progress in the activities of developing the beautiful game.”

They say they will not tire on their relentless pursuit of a credible electoral process conducted within the provisions of FIFA Statutes. They further want a speedy conclusion of the round-table discussions and eventual holding of credible elections to usher in new leadership at the federation for the good of the beautiful game.

“We have been and remain committed to being a part of a credible electoral process that will guarantee free, fair and verifiable outcomes conducted within the strict provisions of the FIFA Statutes, the FIFA Standard Electoral Code as well as the Sports Act 2013 and the Constitution of Kenya 2010.”

FIFA Hesitant To Form Committee

Veron Motsengo-Omba

They wondered why FIFA was hesitant to form a Normalization Committee as requested by the Sports Disputes Tribunal, adding that they were very much ready to engage in round-table discussions as just as the world football governing body had suggested through a letter written by Mr. Veron Motsengo-Omba which was dated 25th March 2020 and reaffirmed on 6th April 2020.

“We are willing to work with the Government of the Republic of Kenya, CAF and FIFA to smoothen the way to a credible, free, and fair electoral process as soon as possible.”

The aspirants defended the Sports Dispute Tribunal role in settling disputes in football, pointing out that the local solution route being mediated by the SDT is the option that FIFA envisaged in their letter of 25th March 2020 to gather views of all football stakeholders for the sake of peace.

“We fully support the local solution route that has been undertaken by the Sports Disputes Tribunal, which has invoked its powers under Section 59 of the Sports Act to resolve the disputes on the FKF elections through dialogue.”

SDT, they said, remains the most convenient and appropriate way of resolving the impasse on elections, considering the challenge that the COVID-19 pandemic has presented, since it is not practical in the present circumstances to have any delegations traveling to Kenya to mediate the process and ultimately have stakeholders agree on the roadmap to credible elections.

“It is our unyielding conviction that the stakeholder’s round-table discussions convened by the Sports Disputes Tribunal on 2nd June 2020, which Mr. Mwendwa arrogantly gave a wide berth is the best platform through which the future of Kenyan football will, in view of the present unique circumstances, can be best canvassed and the way forward defined.”

They called upon FKF to respect the rule of law, in the same way as FIFA respects and adheres to Swiss Laws to the letter.

“FKF is obligated to respect Kenyan Laws and as such we call upon FIFA to respect the Kenyan people and their laws by directing Mwendwa, who remains in office until handing over to a new president of the FKF or is re-elected, to respect Kenyan laws as a mandatory requirement to charting the way out of the current impasse on elections.”

Ohanga’s Tribunal Lauded

Sports Disputes Tribunal Chair Mr. John Ohaga

They reaffirmed their unwavering confidence in the dispute resolution process which SDT Chairman Mr. John Ohaga initiated on 2nd June 2020.

“There would be no logical reason why FIFA cannot work under the auspices of this dialogue table already initiated and set up as the only vehicle through which Kenyan football stakeholders will draw the roadmap to FKF elections.”

“We believe there is every reason for the Registrar of Sports to invoke provisions of Section 52 of the Sports Act 2013 to cause an inspection of the FKF to unearth possible misconduct and malpractices including financial impropriety and embezzlement of funds.”

They also want clear provisions made for free and fair FKF elections as soon as it is practical to do so in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic so as to have a substantive leadership.

The aspirants want the Sports Registrar to cause the inspection of the FKF books, registers by an independent entity like the institute of chartered Public Accountants on behalf of the Kenyan taxpayers and the general public in line with Section 52 of the Sports Act 2013.

“The Cabinet Secretary to officially announce, as she had promised, whether or not the KSh244 million-plus of taxpayers money was given to FKF have been properly accounted for and that the erstwhile FKF leadership has now been given a clean bill of health.”

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