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Mwalimu Timothy Ibaya Biography, Education, Kisima Ward MCA

Mwalimu Timothy Ibaya Biography, Education, Kisima Ward MCA

Mwalimu Timothy Ibaya hails from Kisima ward and is the son of a peasant farmer. He studied at Ontulili Boys Secondary School, where he did well.

He qualified to study for a degree in Education at Moi University, where he went to become a distinguished teacher.

Mwalimu has been an academic giant and a leader since his early life, and throughout his schooling and career, he has been extemporary in representing people.

From the primary level to the university and at the workplace, Timothy Ibaya has distinguished himself as a servant leader, and his leadership skills remain unmatched to date.

Mwalimu Timothy Ibaya draws his inspiration from great world leaders, and his leadership style is influenced greatly by Nelson Mandela and Mwalimu Julius Nyerere, who were the epitomes of servant leadership.

Over the years, Mwalimu Timothy has learned a lot about leadership as a teacher and a leader, and he believes in ethical and servant leadership. Mwalimu believes that cultivating leaders with exceptional character and skills is critical to development.

Mwalimu is passionate about transforming his homeland Kisima. As a teacher in the ward, he has interacted with students and particularly parents, and he understands the common challenges that people go through.

As a teacher at Kisima ward, Mwalimu has been in the forefront to address some of the problems brought to his office by the parent regarding fees challenges, and he has organized on many occasions scholarships for needy students.

Nonetheless, Mwalimu believes that most of the problems facing parents and, in extension, the greater Kisima residents are rooted in poor leadership.

He has indicated having difficulties answering the parents and his students, “Who are we voting for in 2022 to change Kisima?” and has heard the many requests from the people to represent them as their MCA.

After considering the plight of the people of Kisima and his passion for leading, Mwalimu Timothy has since resolved to offer himself a leadership position as the Member of the County Assembly for Kisima Ward.

Over the years, Mwalimu has been troubled by the fact that Kisima has abundant natural resources and great investors, yet this has so little effect on the people’s quality of life.

Since its creation, Kisima’s infrastructure has remained dilapidated with no basic amenities. The ward has no good roads nor a functional health facility.

Despite more than five decades since the end of the colonial era, elected leaders have remained clueless on channeling development in Kisima, a narrative that Mwalimu seeks to change once elected in August.

Mwalimu Timothy Ibaya believes in building a new Kisima, one that is grounded in progressive ideals and good governance.

Mwalimu believes that the greatness of a leader is not in how much wealth he acquires but in his integrity and in his ability to affect the people he leads positively.

Mwalimu Timothy believes that the problems facing Kisima are leadership-related because currently, Kisima is like an aircraft being flown by a pilot who did not go to flying school.

Thus, owing to the plight of Kisima and his innate passion for serving people, Mwalimu has delved into county politics because he believes that politics drives the economy, and he is determined to use his political mandate to develop and transform Kisima. 

Moreover, Mwalimu has challenged the current MCA, Madam Joy Karambu Muthogi, who has had a stronghold on political power for ten years but did nothing to transform Kisima.

He particularly challenges the power distance between the current MCA and the residents of Kisima, where she is only seen during the electioneering period with “Lesos” and some scanty hurriedly done projects.

Mwalimu Timothy believes that in a structure and leadership style practiced by the outgoing MCA, she does not serve; she is served.

Mwalimu Timothy has diagnosed the problem facing the Kisima ward, and it has to do with representation as the ward issues are not articulated in the county assembly. 

More importantly, because Kisima ward is one of the largest in Meru county and the largest potato producer, Mwalimu Timothy believes that Kisima is an agricultural sleeping giant that requires good leadership to unleash its potential.

Mwalimu Timothy always shares how he aspires to change the agricultural sector, particularly by sponsoring bills in the county assembly for the government to subsidize fertilizer and other inputs to boost production and create a vibrant economy for farmers Kisima.

On top of that, Mwalimu believes that the imports of onions and other food items from Uganda and Tanzania have crippled Kisima’s agricultural economy, and he is on record stating that his number one priority as the MCA for Kisima will be to lobby and ensure that Kenya ban imports of onions and other farm produce to protect the market for Kisima farmers.

Mwalimu Timothy hopes that during his first 90 days in office, he will lobby various key sectors and ministries, particularly the agriculture ministry, to implement reforms to ensure the welfare of Kisima residents.

Finally, Mwalimu Timothy believes that if Kisima is successful, it can take the whole of the Buuri or even the entire county to prosperity.

So Kisima’s policies and practices must work, and Mwalimu is hoping that the people of Kisima will vote for development-oriented leaders like him in the August 9th elections.

Mwalimu has an economic recovery plan for Kisima that focuses on strengthening agriculture, reducing the dependency on county revenue, lobbying international donors to set up manufacturing plants in Kisima, and introducing value addition to the produce cultivated in Kisima. 

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