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Former president Mwai Kibaki’s Message To Uhuru In Presence Of Ruto

Former president Mwai Kibaki, Uhuru and Ruro
Former president Mwai Kibaki, Uhuru and Ruro

Former president Mwai Kibaki was sworn in as the head of state in 2002 where he was chosen under the Narc party ticket.

Later on, in 2007, he was again elected as the president of the republic in a disputed election which ended up in coming up with a grand coalition government.

However, at one point in time, the former president could barely articulate himself during a burial function.

The function that was being graced was for the burial of Inaugural Nyeri governor Nderitu Gachagua

When Mwai Kibaki was invited to the podium by DP Ruto to air his speech to the mourners, the head former head of state never said the name or the family of the late Gachagua but instead spoke in a confusing language.

Despite the former president using parables when he wanted to sting, he directed his speech to president Uhuru Kenyatta who he referred to ‘Kamwana’ saying that he always speaks the truth and that the other guy who said one thing today, and another tomorrow isn’t to be trusted.

Mwai Kibaki then urged the congregants to vote for ‘Kamwana’ now Uhuru Kenyatta, because plans were there to take the country forward and he could see them being executed.

Former president Mwai Kibaki
Former president Mwai Kibaki, Uhuru and Ruro

In concerns to 2022, Mwai Kibaki said that Kenyans had to first deal with the coming elections of then the aftermath shall be known because Politics was just like a fluid.

It’s said that only the wise can see the clothes but the poor mortals would only see a naked king. Despite his many complaining of his speech being incoherent and confusing, only the wise would understand he was speaking in parables and giving a warning to someone regarding to 2022 presidency with his statement, “mambo imepangwa.”

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