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Big Story: Finally, Mutahi Ngunyi Lands a New Statehouse Job.

Mutahi Ngunyi

The tyranny of numbers fame political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi is reported to have landed a post at the Statehouse. Ngunyi has in recent months leaned on the president’s side of the political divide in his political reviews and come under fierce online attacks and criticism for it.

Two weeks ago on the punchline, Mutahi Ngunyi emphasized that the deputy president had no chance to ascend to the presidency.

The news of his appointment was announced on social media by the former statehouse digital strategist Dennis Itumbi who congratulated him for the new posting.

Itumbi however did not reveal the job description of the professor at the Statehouse with speculation being either a communication strategist or a political advisor to the President.

Kenyans reacted to the news by mocking Itumbi that Mutahi Ngunyi was coming in to replace Itumbi who was released on his birthday.

The punchline, hosted by Anne Kiguta, was at the center of controversy over the bold critical editorial that was meant to address the deputy president went sour with the deputy president’s team accusing Anne of hiring Ngunyi for the service of writing the editorial, a claim that was refuted by both of the accused parties.

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