Mutahi Ngunyi Attack News Gang Saying It Is Exchanging Ignorance

News Gang, Mutahi Ngunyi

Mutahi Ngunyi is a celebrated political scientist popular for developing the ‘Tyranny of numbers’ hypothesis. He is an analyst with his competence areas include strategic reviews, policy research, evaluations, and short-term studies.

Mutahi Ngunyi has blast on News Gang saying it is exchanging ignorance and doing Bar Talks on National TV. News Gang is a Citizen TV program.

The program that is aired on Thursdays was formed purposely for political current affairs in the country, the News Gang panel normally comprise of Francis Gachuri, Yvonne Okwara, Linus Kaika, Jamila Mohammed, and Joe Agenyo.

The #NewsGang is at it again. EXCHANGING Ignorance and doing BAR TALK on National TV. Constitutional CONSENSUS is not CONCURRENCE. If you AGREE to DISAGREE, is that CONSENSUS or is it CONCURRENCE? A little READING will help this group of IGNORAMUS. ~ Prof. Mutahi Ngunyi

Here is some Kenyans after Ngunyi’s tweet:

Patrick Mwangi – ” Better News Gang at least they do balance both sides of political divide unlike you,” the comment reads. Ole Bosco – ” You can’t compare News Gang with the family gathering of yours call something estate. You hate, you get more hate,” the comment reads

Rashid Kotote – ” No man can have the monopoly of every argument, do not belittle others. Give people space and be humble. It won’t cost you,” the comment reads

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