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The Cabinet Secretary to Silences Cs Matiangi’s 2022 Presidential Bid.

Mutahi Kagwe is redefining the way Jubilee government Cabinet Secretaries work. A firm, logical and seemingly wise CS has been steering the country’s response to the Corona Virus crisis. His leadership style is proving popular even with government critics. This has however seen an unpopular popular CS relegated to the back seat.

Kagwe, a seasoned politician from the Kibaki era, has however diver into stormy waters with some of the more abrasive Cabinet Secretaries. It would seem Kagwe is the new darling of State House and the Corona crisis is giving him unlimited airtime. This has taken the shine from one particular CS who seems to be uncomfortable around him.

The CS has only attended one press briefing with him. This is because Kagwe is more fair-headed and his approach is collaborative with the public. This has seen him give more leeway to the private and matatu sectors in the government response to the Coronavirus crisis.

Unlike Matiangi, he has been working with governors rather than antagonizing them. This seems to have won him many supporters. The said CS had been mulling running for presidency come 2022 with some leaders in Jubilee suggesting he would be fit to replace President Kenyatta.  Political pundits are Keen to note the winds have changed and a new era is coming to State House.

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