Murega Baicu Family Begging For Well-Wishers To “Okolea” After He Abandoned Them For Meru Woman Rep Kawira Mwangaza.

Murega Baicu

Information reaching Nairobi mini Bloggers is that while Meru Women Rep Kawira Mwangaza has continued to advertise a program on her vernacular TV called “Operation Okolea”,

Details have emerged that the family of her current husband Murega Baicu who runs the program, Murega’s wife Sabina Karimi, and her children are calling on well-wishers to come out and help them out of extreme poverty and suffering.

Reports by heads of Nyumba Kumi indicate that while Kawira forged birth certificate documents for Murega Baicu’s eldest child(whose name has been redacted from the attached certificate copies for safety), the child who has now completed Secondary School is seeking the help of well-wishers to help pay college fees.

Murega Baicu’s family is currently housed by another well-wisher in a small spaced single room house, and other well-wishers are being invited to come on board to help them after Murega Baicu abandoned them for the wealthy Kawira Mwangaza, who is also alleged to be threatening them with arrests and lawsuits should they speak publicly regarding their plight and sufferings since Murega Baicu left them.

Kawira Mwangaza May Be Going To Jail For Three Years.

Any person who forges any document or electronic record is guilty of an offense which, unless otherwise stated, is a felony and he is liable unless owing to the circumstances of the forgery or the nature of the thing forged some other punishment is provided, to imprisonment for three years.

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