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Murega Baichu Biography, Husband to Governor Kawira Mwangaza

Murega Baichu Biography

Kawira Mwangaza is the current Governor of Meru County as well as wife to a musician Murega Baichu who also doubles as her husband. It’s clear they have been married for some time now though it’s clear they do not have kids together.

Her husband has kids from his past marriage though they divorced after he married the powerful MP.

Kawira Mwangaza and Murega married due to the guitar that Kawira Mwangaza liked to listen to a lot from Murega Baichu.

Her actions to attend Murega concerts due to her love for guitar led to their exchanging contacts and finally getting married together hence becoming one strong family.

Murega Baichu has been very supportive of his wife for truly he believes in women leaders. He is her personal assistant for he understands her weaknesses and believes by supporting her that can lead the family as well as Meru County to the next level.

Murega Baichu has been very supportive of Kawira Mwangaza both in leadership and in the family. It’s a family that also focuses more on matters the church to ensure the family can get to the next level with ease as really that’s the essence of any family.

Murega Baichu First Wife

Robert Murega Baichu married Sabina Ncoro Kaumbuthu in the year 1992. They have been blessed with 3 kids 2boys and 1 girl. They had a colorful Life and marriage until 2012 when Robert was hired by Kawira Mwangaza when she was vying for Buuri MP. Murega was seen playing guitar at Mwangaza’s home in Kimbo Kibirichia.

When Kawira failed terribly murega was appointed to console the primitive failure until when She lured Robert to leave his family and marry her. Murega agreed and left the small children with their poor mother. Later Robert came and sold all the land that belonged to their family.

Murega Baichu and Kawira Mwangaza Wedding

She married popular musician and pastor Robert Murega Rimberia commonly known as Murega Baichu in May 2018 at a colorful wedding in Meru County.

In an August 2019 interview, Murega narrated how his guitar skills attracted Kawira to him and culminated in marriage.

Murega stated that Kawira used to follow and listen to his music during concerts and other events, which brewed the love between them.

“She would go crazy whenever I played the guitar and till today, she likes it when I play the guitar even in the church,” remarked Murega.

More to the music, the popular musician also indicated that Kawira was attracted to his mode of dressing, with his signature large Panama hats playing a large part.

“Kawira said I looked more handsome in the hat and she always likes seeing me in one,” remarked Murega.

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When Kawira announced her clear ambitions to vie for the woman representative position in Meru, her husband was the first to support the move, actively campaigning, to show his unwavering love.

“I love politics but with my wife in politics, I am comfortable and I fancy supporting her in politics,” remarked Murega.

As a further indication of love, the musician even volunteered to become her personal assistant, helping run her office, a move that attracted mixed reactions all over.

Baite Tv

Together, they run Kamankura Records which turned into Baite Family, encompassing Baite TV and Baite Records.

The two also run the Baite Family Church where they both minister, attracting congregants through the music-filled broadcasted church services.

Murega also indicated that Kawira also serves as his music advisor, helping him to continue spreading his fame and producing hit songs done in the Ameru language.

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