“HELB Yote Nilibamba Maninja” Mulamwah Reveals How He Was Tricked In Campus And Kenyans Can’t Stop Laughing.

David Oyando Omusi (Mulamwah)

Popular Kenyan comedian David Oyando Omusi (Mulamwah) regrets wasting the money that he obtained from HELB while in university.

The comedian who is known for his stage name Mulamwah narrated how he was tricked into vying for a leadership position in the docket of entertainment.

He revealed that he lost in the election with six votes and blamed it on his school mates for not voting for him.

The loss hit him hard given the fact that he used his entire money for campaigns against his opponents. He was forced to repeat for one year due to the loss.

David Oyando Omusi (Mulamwah)
Mulamwah. [Photo | Courtesy]

“Ka tbt , washensi walinichocha pale campus bana nisimame kiti ya entaaa then hawakunivotia , na yet nilichoma helb yote kubamba maninja bana , nilishidwa na 6 votes ….. na nikarepeat the year,” Mulamwah’s tweet read.

Alongside the tweet he shared a campaign poster that he used during the election period at the campus. The revelation attracted mixed reactions among the Kenyans on Twitter.

The majority of the netizens were left laughing while others expressed sympathy. A section of the social media users turned their eyes on the poster that he used and wrote their comments on it.

David Oyando Omusi (Mulamwah)
Mulamwah’s poster while in Moi Campus politics. [Photo | Courtesy]

The comedian was nonetheless commended for his success in the entertainment industry despite his past failure in campus politics.

Here are some of the reactions on the Mulamwah tweet;

Komrade Isaka: Omusi in Englis ni “Root” but in luhya land its a word used by young people to refer to Omuzigidi noma

kibii kibii: bro it seems you are a bad luck guy.

kid kiddo: wasee hupitia changamoto nyingi…yako si moto bado

Metrine Nakinai: Pole lakini nimecheka 

Salty Sugar: Ni graphic designer huna?

elgoon: ungesimama catering io jina si ya mtu wa entaa bana

Mr Bett @ ke: Hehe bro hiyo helb ungeenda home ununue punda

Liban Evans: peer pressure

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