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Celebrities Came to Support Depressed Mulamwah After Quitting Comedy Due To Daily Twitter Trolls.


Comedy isn’t easy as many thinks and the likes of Mulamwah, Eric Omondi have shared their journey to stardom in previous media interviews.

Hard work, perseverance and having a thick skin for trolls is the only way to succeed in the flooded comedy industry.

But we have seen several comedians sink into depression and others succumb to it.

Multitalented comedian Mulamwah has been forced to quit comedy after trolls overpowered him. He is always trolled on Twitter on a daily basis.

Mulamwah shared a video burning his signature shirt, crying as he looked at it burn to ashes before leaving the scene.

The heartbroken Mulamwah took to social media to reveal that he had quit doing comedy. In a lengthy post, he wrote,

It wasn’t an easy decision to make. Am sorry guys what was to make me happy makes me sadder, more enemies than friends, too much negativity and trolls. I wasn’t here for fame and bad blood but for fun.

Shukran sana kwa the support from the fans and everyone else who made it a success. To those who always wished the worst for me I hope y’all happy now, the stage is all yours. my prayer is that no one else goes through the same again.

I once posted @carrol_sonie while in a hospital bed, we had just lost our baby at 3 months gestation following stress after being trolled online. I have never been the same since then, but we are men still keeping on a smile to cover the grimace.

 Pole sana pia for all who looked up to me especially the kids, I have failed you 😔, but keep your heads up. We shall still meet on different entertainment platforms, social media ADS and product campaigns too. GOD BLESS. Asanteni 🙏 . Konki 🙏. – Stated Mulamwah

Support Depressed Mulamwah

Hundreds of celebrities and Mulamwah’s fans flooded his post with encouraging messages and below are some of their messages

jalangoo Kijana kesho ukiamka enda sokoni uchukue nguo ingine kazi iendelee…you cant make everyone happy! Even Jesus was crucified!! I know sometimes it really hurts but truth is no one has ever made it without haters!! Sisi sikuizi tumezoea hadi tusipotukanwa tunashangaa nini mbaya!!😂😂😂….Harden up son! Nobody said it will be easy! Hakuna kutoroka!! Twende kazi!!

bienaimesol When the going gets tough the tough get going. If it was easy everyone could have done it.

djshiti_comedian Mulamwah, Now this is the real definition of trying to make everyone happy… huweziiiii.. hata ukifanya nini hawatakupenda… sisi tuko mpaka na members of the family wenye tunasaidia na school fees na rent.

Marafiki wenye tulileta Nairobi wengine tunazunguka nao tukifikiri niwatu but bado wanasema tutaisha coz hawaonangi kenye tunafanya ya maana na usanii😂😂😂😂😂😂😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃 wacha ujinga nunua nguo ingine kuja tufanye Comedy Nairobi city……

The Best way to Enjoy life in this Industry is to focus so much on positivity….. #Mulamwa The King of Vines… kenye hao maadui hawajui is that you are one of the most supportive Comedian… Son kama Mwenyezi MUNGU Hajakudharau Mwanadamu ninaniiiiiiii???????

abelmutua Jomba! Kesho piga rest, kesho kutwa Shati ingine ikuom alafu Thursday turudi kazi haraka faster. Your gift far much superior than a few bastards with miserable lives and cheap bundles. Wewe ni Champ buda!! Tumekutambua.

jessythemc I’ll just leave you with one idiom “Damned if you do and damned if you don’t”
Keep on doing what you know best. 👊🏽

fredomondikenya Bro. All this is unnecessary…I have been trolled more than you. But in this world, I learned one lesson, mind your business and do wot makes you proud and happy. People will always talk and that’s just part of growth.

Above all don’t focus so much on the negativity, how many ppl r u letting down who is actually standing by u? For wot? For the sake of hate? We have bigger problems to solve as one, all I can advise you as a big bro, don’t answer to everyone and focus on wot u do with love and respect across to all, trust me no hate is permanent. U are creative that’s y they talk, so just do u and don’t talk back, keep them in suspense…

dansonko All I see is a rebirth. You are definitely heading in the right direction. Usiskize mtu Mulamwah. Weka Focus Juu na Mbele. You are coming out bigger and stronger.

djmokenya DONT GIVE UP !!!!! Don’t , In fact work harder to prove them wrong .!!! DONT GIVE UP KAKA

dj2one2 Mti wenye matunda ndio unaorushiwa mawe – only Village boys will understand this and I know you are one of them. We are out here fighting to run these cities. We need more soldiers. You cannot stop now #Rais

teamd2d Go ahead MAKE YOU HAPPY – wengine wakwende

hon._steve_mbogo Homeboy Ati whaaaat? Coz of the nonsense people speak… my friend welcome to the world of success…..when they start hating and trolling, then know u destined for greatness….. Wewe ukiteta sisi tutasema nini?
Solider on remember where we come from n don’t forget we dint come to this city to joke! …. infact I feel there is too much peace ngoja this week nitachokesha uone

hopekidhk HARDEN UP BRO, NOBODY SAID IT WOULD BE EASY… this industry we’ve all been through hardship and crazy trodds kwa mtandao bro but we still here we never dropped the the towel……

WAKE UP AND FIGHT ON….. Mulamwah when you quit they win bro….usikubali and ashinde…. I think ME AND DK in 2019 feb tungechoma microphone the enemy could have won but we stayed and fought, The calling is always greater that us. Stay on the road.

bobb_muriithi Their opinion should not matter this much. Keep that in mind as you get back up and move on. May God guide you Mulamwah.

mzaziwillytuva Whatever is going on @mulamwah I expect you to come back stronger coz challenges come with lessons. We live to learn and learn to live. Wanaopiga kelele just LEAVE them and keep going. Grab the crown and rule straight away like a ruler 👑

sammie_kioko If it was easy everybody would be going it!! Keep doing it

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