MP Fears for His Life After he was Caught Chopping Governor’s Wife.

MP Fears for His Life After he was Caught Chopping Governor's Wife.

People engaging in illicit extramarital affairs are on the rise and the consequences are dire should one be caught with someone’s wife?. Some have done in for long without being caught and the unlucky ones have found themselves in the battling end with some even losing their lives.

There are reports that have been making headlines online that blossoming first-time a member of Parliament is afraid of his life after his affairs with the wife of the governor hit the public radar.

Reports by the star revealed that the vocal legislator has been drooling over the governor’s wife and his desire to quench his thirst made him make a move to the County boss’ wife.

Further reports by the Star, showed that the two were recently caught having sex in the legislator’s car that was parked at an open place. This has angered the governor who is not planning to revenge.

This has now sent some fear down the spine of the lawmakers on what might be awaiting him next should the governor make his move to revenge.

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