Top 8 Most Profitable Businesses In Kenya Now

Are you in search of profitable business opportunities in Kenya? If so, continue reading as we provide detailed information on various profitable businesses in the country.

The following paragraphs will contain surprising information that financial advisors, radio hosts, and popular websites might have shared, or perhaps ideas that you have considered yourself.

List of Most Profitable Businesses In Kenya:

1. Online Business in Kenya:

This type of business is often considered ideal for women and others seeking work-from-home opportunities. The main advantage is that it requires minimal investment, primarily limited to internet charges. To explore this further, we recommend reading our comprehensive guide on starting an online business.

Blogging: Create a blog and monetize it through advertisements or product placements.

Online freelance jobs: Platforms such as, ODesk, iWriter, Elance, and Kenya Writing offer well-paying freelance opportunities. This category also includes transcription and academic research jobs.

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2. Movie Shop Business:

This is a business concept that has been around for a while. All you need is a computer and the latest movies in town to replicate and offer them to customers.

The best part is that you can operate this business within your own neighborhood, catering to your neighbors and friends. To ensure a profitable venture, you will need around Ksh. 50,000 or more.

3. Salon and Kinyozi Business:

Salons and barbershops thrive in trendy areas of Nairobi. To succeed, create a professional and inviting atmosphere. Some barbershops even offer head massages after shaving, which attracts clients. Building a solid client base is crucial for success in this industry.

4. Wines and Spirits Business:

If you are interested in opening a pub or bar but dislike the rowdy behavior of drunk patrons, consider starting a wines and spirits business. This way, customers are not allowed to consume alcohol on your premises; instead, they purchase and consume it off-site.

However, it’s important to note that strict alcohol regulations can pose challenges, as some illicit alcohol dens may be forced to shut down.

5. Taxi Business:

Technological advancements have transformed the taxi industry in Kenya, with services like Uber and Little Cab gaining popularity.

Starting a taxi business is relatively accessible, requiring an investment of approximately 500,000 Ksh. You can purchase a vehicle and join one of these ride-hailing platforms to start earning money in Kenya.

6. Goods Delivery:

With the increasing number of Kenyans shopping online, there is a growing demand for delivery services.

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If you own a motorbike or even an old car, you can sign up to be a delivery person for various online stores. All you need is a valid driver’s license, a reliable vehicle for transportation, and ethical conduct.


7. Beauty Workstation:

The beauty industry is constantly evolving, with no specific seasons but rather following market trends in the fashion industry. The market for beauty products is influenced by new entrants offering superior alternatives to existing products on the shelves.

Establishing a beauty workstation can be a lucrative venture if you keep up with the latest trends and provide high-quality services.

8. Car Wash Business:

The car wash business can thrive when located strategically alongside other businesses. Consider setting up in areas near entertainment spots, markets, mechanics, or malls. People often enjoy having their cars cleaned while engaging in other activities.

Leveraging the presence of other businesses can help attract more customers to your car wash.

In summary, Kenya offers numerous profitable businesses opportunity in various industries. From online businesses and taxi services to movie shops and beauty workstations, each sector has its unique potential for success.

Analyze your interests, investment capabilities, and market demand to determine which business aligns best with your goals.

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