5 of the Most Dangerous Jobs in Kenya

Dangerous Jobs in Kenya

Being jobless in Kenya can make your life bleak and void. Many have referred to joblessness as a corrosive state that leaves one confused and stressed.

However, earning a living could cost you your life for the jobs listed below.

1. Roofers

We certainly like how the roofing of our houses blend seamlessly to the color of the walls and the rest of the decor. However, what we many don’t know is that it takes courage and determination to have the roof sit atop the splendid structure.

Relevant data indicate that Roofers have a high fatality rate. The brutal truth suggests that it’s a job with lots of twists and turns, and it takes some nuanced navigating to make it work successfully.

As hard as the truth might be to swallow, around 600 Roofers died in the USA back in 2016.

Dangerous Jobs

2. Structural iron and steelworkers

Heights, collapsing walls, swinging objects,electric lines, and steel beams are some of the many factors that make this career a risky avenue. In this field, many workers die from falling.

Iron and steel workers in Kenya also get injuries ranging from muscle strains, cuts, broken bones, and burns. In the United States, statistics reveal that the workers are exposed to a rate of 25.1 fatalities out of 100,000 workers.

Dangerous Jobs

3. Miners

The mining industry takes a heavy toll on the workers’ physical health. On a good day, however, the hardworking miners can have their earnings outweighing the risk. The risks in this industry are considered profound and rife.

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Miners are exposed to dangers like explosions, cave-ins, fatigue, electrocution, chemical leaks, falls, heavy loads, and toxic fumes.

Dangerous Jobs

4.Police officers

Truth be told, police officers don’t qualify to be among the top three dangerous jobs in Kenya. However, it remains dangerous because the men and women in blue are exposed to murder.

For instance, while on the line of duty, a slight tumble on their side would heighten the probability of them dying. Statistics reveal that many Kenyan policemen have died at the hands of others.

Dangerous Jobs

5. Truck and sales drivers

In the past four years, truck drivers have been experiencing a heightened rate of fatalities. This is because many drivers take on long distances carrying heavy and dangerous loads that demand urgency. Some drive while tired and in distraught, therefore the possibility of a deadly crash is increased.

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