“I was Hospitalized of COVID19” Moses Kuria Come Clean After Accused of Operating Mwiki Route Tax.

Moses Kuria

The embattled Gatundu south member of parliament Moses Kuria has of late been missing in action from his online drama that how showcases now and then.

Many have even questioned of his whereabouts as he is always very vocal and he seems to have gone under for some time now with less heard from him since the controversial revenue bill.

Moses Kuria who is a close deputy president William Ruto Allie is well known for his ruthless remarks and a strong stand.

During his last appearance on a local TV the Gatundu south member of parliament was cut short after he used abusive language against his rival parliamentarian.

Moses Kuria

However the internet erupted after a photo of the parliamentarian emerged as he was driving him self in what was seen as a cheap vehicle.

The vehicle a Nissan note old model which is said to be worth less than 700k while the famous politician are well known for fueling guzzlers like V8s and Range Rovers as they tour the country .

A majority questioned the validity of the photo with some say he was just a person who looked like him in the area.

The photo that are said to have originated from Mwiki had it that the parliamentarian was in the company of another person allegedly on his way home.

Here are some of the reactions..

Moses Kuria
Moses Kuria
Moses Kuria

Moses Kuria Later Posted

I really hope that beyond all the debate around Covid-19, all and sundry will not forget that Corona Virus is real. The worst thing we can do is to lower our guard! And above all let us remember our gallant front line workers-

Not just doctors and nurses like but subordinate staff who put their lives in the line of danger to give care to Corona Virus patients. If you are in a hospital bed-

Like me, for the last 27 days here at Karen Hospital you witness first hand the amount of sacrifice they make amid vert difficult circumstances. You learn to focus more on the virus and our front line workers, and less on sideshows. We shall overcome COVID-19

~ Hon Moses Kuria

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