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Moses Kuria Speaks After Kitui Drama. We need to Stop Forcing This Issue to Kenyans.


Many people have asked me, why is there so much drama about BBI when all stakeholders have said they support the report released at Bomas of Kenya ? Its very simple.

When the handshakers says BBI will be amended to achieve one man one vote one shilling, they mean that we will create 210 extra constituencies to raise the number of constituencies to 500 and therefore have all constituencies with maximum 40,000 voters.

After which we will then have a Parliamentary system and an Executive Prime Minister (With 2 Deputies) as every one is ‘now equal’. Then we abolish Presidential Election “as it is the only reason Kenyans fight every 5 years” Then we create 12 regional governments in addition to the 47 counties.

I am opposed to this. We can not afford 500 constituencies (Which could be 600 MPs after women reps and nominated MPs) even to achieve one man one vote one shilling. We can not trust MPs to determine who will lead this country. This duty has to remain with the 20 Million Kenyan voters.

We can not afford 12 regional premiers on top of 47 governors. If we stop forcing these issues on Kenyans the BBI will pass in a record time. When we resist these issues we are accused of disrespect.

This is where the trouble lies. Now you know

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