Moses Kuria In Put on More Problems After Naming Finally Chris Msando’s Killers.

Moses Kuria

Moses Kuria was put in a hard shell after he was forced to name the killers behind Chris Msando’s former IEBC employee. This is after a post in social media saying that the people who killed Msando are the same people who killed JM .

This spiked lots of reactions from the social media and many people attacked from all the sides. Moses Kuria revelation has left many mouths open but many people are asking why now ,why not then? 

He has landed himself in hot soup not knowing that he was going to take the blame. He thought that maybe revealing the truth might cause the public to support him or something.

Moses Kuria In Put on More Problems After Naming Finally Chris Msando's Killers. 1

Social media is a platform, where one can give out their views on any matter and to the matter about Moses Kuria, has brought many reactions especially twitter.

Many think that probably he had been one of the people involved and that’s why he kept mute for a very long time before unveiling the person behind the scene. Others think that he is doing this simply because he has paid off to do or tarnish someone’s name and he is going to get something in return.

Though Moses Kuria has defended himself saying that his life was being threatened and watched all the time that is why he could not do it. He said that people were planning to assassinate him they were after him and he had to protect himself by keeping muting.

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