Why Uhuru Wants Moses Kuria Out Of Transport Parliamentary Committee!!

Moses Kuria

Last year, it was Moses Kuria as Vice-Chair of Transport Committee who led MPs into thwarting an attempted takeover by the Kenyatta Family of the JKIA through NCBA BANK which would have seen the family make billions at expense of Kenyans.

So yes, Moses Kuria may not support Uhuru Kenyatta’s “My Agenda” of advancing Kenyatta Family Business interests, but Moses Kuria is excellent at serving the public interest of all Kenyans.

Moses Kuria and other MPs at the Transport Committee summoned Transport Ministry Officials, KAA Officials, Kenya Airways Officials and everyone to get to the bottom of the matter and at the end of the day.

KAA was not only forced to withdraw the corrupt deal, everyone came to the conclusion that if the Kenyatta family is not tamed, but it will also turn public institutions into family businesses.

First, Uhuru appointed former NIC Bank CEO James Macharia as Transport Minister and Group CEO of the Kenyatta-owned Commercial Bank of Africa Mr. Isaac Awuondo as Kenya Airports Authority Chairman.

The Banks merged into NCBA, Mr. Awuondo is the Board Chair.

The first order of Business for KAA Board under Mr. Awuondo was awarding the management of JKIA to the struggling Kenya Airways (KQ). Behind the scene, KQ had already signed an outsourcing agreement with NCBA to run JKIA to recover it’s loans.

When MPs pressed KAA hard to disclose the powerful forces behind the airport deal, KAA CEO said: “I cannot speculate on the reason behind the deal or the faces behind it.


We were approached by Kenya Airways on this matter and also got a Cabinet memo seeking that we manage the process.”

The KAA CEO Mr. John Andersen has fired 3 months afterward. But lawmakers led by Hon Moses Kuria forced the cancelation of the deal noting that the KAA cannot hand over public facilities like JKIA into private hands.

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