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Moses Kuria Missing: 3 Places Where You Could Likely Find Him.

Moses Kuria

Gatundu South Member of Parliament Moses Kuria’s missing reports still proofs futile to justify. Like any other concern and audible lawmaker, Kuria uses to fearless speak his mind on national issues. 

The MP has been fond of criticizing some of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s government undertakings from time to time. This is despite the fact that Uhuru is his tribe man and comes from Kuria’s constituency. Anyway let’s forget about this, where exactly can he be at the moment?

There exist three possible answers to the tough question. Starting with a positive answer, the outspoken legislator could be enjoying himself somewhere.

Moses Kuria

He may have decided to be alone after exhaustively distributing relieve foodstuffs to embattled Karionangi residents.

The fact remains Kuria used to publicly expose he drinks alcohol a little. However, this possibility takes a small space in Kuria’s missing pie chart graph. 

Secondly, Moses Kuria who supports Deputy President Willliam Samoei Ruto can be facing death somewhere.

Some assailants could have possibly abducted him for whatever unknown reason. The family is suspecting the same as nobody can reach him since yesterday(Friday). 

Moses Kuria

Lastly, being arrested can still be another possible answer. Former State House Kenya worker Dennis Itumbi became the first individual to alert the public about the incident. He also mentioned the arrest option.

If that could be the case, the concerned authorities should have communicated to kill anxiety and curiosity. 

Moses Kuria

“Is Hon. Moses Kuria under arrest? Harambee House Prefecture tells us. Why are we afraid of food donations? At least confirm if he is under arrest or not. The Family, supporters, and constituents have a right to know.” Dennis Itumbi hinted on Kuria’s arrest.

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