More Sponsors Are Showing Interest In Funding Kenyan Football Because Of FKF’S Clean Record

More companies are now showing interest in sponsoring Kenyan football leagues because of the high level of trust they have developed in the current federation.

These remarks were made by Nyanza North Branch Secretary Dickson Oruko who stated that Football Kenya Federation (FKF) had regained the confidence of the corporate world due to the good management style Mwendwa’s administration had adopted, coupled with appropriate policies he had formulated and an impeccable level of transparency surrounding activities at Kandanda House.

“The current administration has regained confidence from the corporate world due to their good management and transparency.

He said that such level of trust played a pivotal role in bringing back local corporates on board.

Oruko further said that in all the time he has been in office and worked with him, Nick Mwendwa had always portrayed himself as a leader who upholds democracy.

Oruko testified that in all meetings he had attended, he had witnessed Mwendwa creating enough space and room for participants to air their views freely during plenary sessions.

“Mwendwa has established a sense of democracy in his leadership, whereby stakeholders are able to contribute and air their views right down from the sub branches.”

This approach, he added, had made it easier for other leaders working with Mwendwa to readily own the decisions made by the federation as theirs, further, going a long way in encouraging the spirit of collective responsibility, because everyone felt involved right from the beginning of the process.

“The democracy the current Federation embraces has allowed everybody to feel a part of the decisions made by the Federation,” continued Oruko.

He noted that Mwendwa had given branch officials a free hand in managing their affairs compared to the previous regimes where all decisions were centralized.

“FKF President Nick Mwendwa, gave NEC members an opportunity to run the division two league which was previously under the national office,” said Dickson Oruko

Currently a member of the National FKF Referees appointment committee, Oruko, who attended Kisumu Day High School, played for Bayern FC, Timsales and Nairobi Stima in his hey days.

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Written by Senior Editor