Governor Sonko Shares a Video of Mombasa’s Stonefish -‘ Agent of Death’ Living in The Ocean.

Governor Sonko Shares a Video of Mombasa's Stonefish -' Agent of Death' Living in The Ocean.

As the Christmas celebrations continue to gather pace, Kenyans from different regions of the country have been traveling down the coast to enjoy their December holidays in the company of friends and family. 

There is often a widespread belief among Kenyans that is important for one to wash away the tears and sorrows of the whole year by taking part In the annual ritual of swimming in the Indian Ocean.

To many, the Indian Ocean presents them with a unique opportunity to undergo modern-day cleansing before christ is born again. 


Over the years, celebrations at the Indian coast have been maimed with Sad incidents that have involved many losing their loved ones after an interaction with the salty waters of the sea. 

In a bid to avoid such incidents, Embattled Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko has today shared a captivating video of one of Mombasa’s deadliest sea animals namely the Stonefish. 


In Mombasa, residents are known to refer to the fish as an agent of death. The fish is known to be very Poisonous to human beings. According to the narrator in the video, the fish has a tendency of camouflaging like a stone, and when one steps on it while in the water, the fish produces a very Poisonous purple pigment that can kill an adult human beings within an hour. 

Several residents have been amputated after interacting with the dangerous sea animal. The governor is now advising Kenyans to be very careful as they travel down the old Coastal town. Here is the video. 

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