Modern House You Can Build With Less Than Ksh 300000.

Modern House You Can Build With Less Than Ksh 300,000.

I believe that each one is working hard in order to make sure that they become successful in life, Being Successful I mean being Someone who society can look at as a role model.

A good Modern House, a good compound and a paying job are some of the Things that keen People would love to Have, There are different houses for different costs around.

Your Modern House design will go down as per your wish if you have the money to do it, Sometimes, it Does not Need to be a lot of Cash, you can always start from scratch and do a lot more savings.

Here is the estimated Cost of the Modern House.

Cement 90 bags @700– Kshs 63,000

Building Bricks 3500 @10– Kshs 35,000

Sand – Kshs 20,500

Roofing sheets–Kshs 68,000

Timber – Kshs 37,000

Hard stones – Ksh 12,800

Doors and windows panes – Kshs 22,800

Wall pass 4 rolls –Kshs 5,200

Binding wires – Kshs 4,500

5 Ventilators @ 300 –ksh.1,500

Ceiling stars designed 20 pieces for ksh.14,000

Cost of plastering is about ksh.15,000

Cost of painting – Kshs 16,300.

I Pray for you so you can have the Ability to build your Modern House .please, you can also like comment and share.

Embrace your inner energy and all those I can’t wait to see the house of my dream jitters and transform into something you love, so not only you are growing, but you’re revving your engine into maximum gear.” – NmB

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