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Milly wa Jesus Reveal How She Broke her Virginity to a close Friend to Kabi Wa Jesus.

Milly wa Jesus

Kabi wa Jesus and Milly wa Jesus are a Kenyan gospel couple. They have been blessed with a beautiful son Taji wa Jesus. The two own Bantu films.

In an interview with true love magazine, Milly wa Jesus said she met Kabi when in form two through her then-boyfriend. The boyfriend was a close friend of Kabi.

Milly wa Jesus

The couple’s marriage is so adorable based on what they post on their social media pages. The two, Kabi and Milly are youtube vlogers and they share great content on their channel.

The couple was the talk of the town last year during Kabi’s birthday where Milly wa Jesus surprised her husband with a car and a banner with his picture put on the roadside where everyone could see wishing him a happy birthday.

Days later rumors arose that Milly wa Jesus had returned the car she had bought for her husband to the dealers she had bought the car from but the rumors came to be false. 

Milly wa Jesus

As told by the Nairobi gossip club, Milly wa Jesus disclosed that her husband was not the first man to have close intimacy with, but there was another person before him.

Milly further disclosed that she was not proud of the act but she is grateful that her husband never judged her. 

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