Mike Sonko Appoints Himself New Role After His Impeachment


Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko is a jobless person in town after he was impeached by the Nairobi county Assembly and the Senate over gross misconduct misuse of a public office and other allegations.

Mike Sonko has been always blaming president Uhuru Kenyatta for taking away his job from Nairobi County as a governor and also went ahead to say while in Msambweni that if the president and the system want ,they can even take his life too.

Sonko is now an employed man in town as he has announced today on his twitter account that he is new blogger in town after Uhuru and his system making him jobless. Sonko now says being in the opposition is nice than being in government as a psychopath.

Mike Sonko Appoints Himself

After his impeachment, Sonko immediately joined the Tangatanga brigade of politicians aligned to the Deputy President William Ruto. His ideologies of be associating with the common man (the Hustler) is what made Sonko to be famous in the capital of Nairobi.

Do you think Sonko fit in his new job?

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