Mike Mbuvi Sonko: Biography, Career, Net Worth and Politics

Mike Mbuvi Sonko: Biography, Career, and Politics

Hon. Mike Mbuvi Sonko whose real name is Mbuvi Gideon Kioko is among the most identical politicians of his time in Kenya. He has stood out remarkably and showed a great personality right from his dressing code, fame, and money. His rise in the political ground has caught the attention of many. Sonko is the current Governor for Nairobi County, a position he won by merit.

Here is The Full Biography of Mike Mbuvi Sonko


Mike Mbuvi Sonko was born on 27th February 1975 in Mombasa. Sonko’s late father is called Mzee kivanguli. His mother died in the year 1997. He grew up in Mombasa where his family used to stay and work. Sonko studied primary education at Kikowani Primary school in Mombasa before proceeding to Kwale High school for his secondary education.

Throughout his early life, Sonko has majorly involved in his father’s businesses, which included a real estate company and brokerage businesses. Sonko recalls that he made his first 5 million shillings in profits while yet under his father’s hands.

Despite Sonko qualifying to join Campus, he chose to venture into business as his calling. He, later on, pursued Business Administration and Management at Excel International school in Mwanza and Pwani Business College.

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Career and Business

Sonko’s passion for Business came at a time when his father, together with his business partner split Pelly properties, and started Gidson properties. At this time Sonko just from school took the initiative and became the company’s sales and marketing manager.

Business was good for sonko and in 1994 he relocated to Nairobi where he purchased 8 matatus which majored in Kibra route. This investment brought him more income and he was able to purchase more matatus which were based in Umoja, and Dandora.

Besides venturing into transportation, Sonko also did portfolio diversification and invested in real estate. He used to buy and sell land together with residential estates. All these happened for the period between 1994 to 1997.

After 1997, Sonko engaged himself on a higher notch where he bought a fleet of minibuses to ply along BuruBuru. The investor went further and bought two other minibusses, one a double-decker meant for tours and travels. Overall, Sonko recalls that he has over 5,000 matatus and he makes up to 6million per month in his matatu business.

Sonko further diversified his investments and he put his money in cyber cafes, phones and accessories shops, salons, boutiques, and he also bought Club Casurina in Buru Buru.

Mike Sonko Foundation – Sonko Rescue Team

Hon Mike Sonko started a charitable non-profit organization that is meant to empower the youths and also help the needy students.

Through the foundation, Sonko has managed to boost the mama mboga’s as they run the small scale groceries. His message to the youth is, in as much as he is willing to help the youths, he cannot manage to hire every youth.

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Thus the youths should take it upon themselves and be self-reliant. The Governor has also started the initiative of providing the youths with low-interest loans, alongside developing youth SACCOs.

Sonko Politics.

Mike Sonko rose to fame when he was elected as a member of Parliament for the Makadara constituency at the age of 35 years. Reuben Ndolo successfully handed over to Sonko on September 20, 2010, during the by-elections.

After the creation of county governments during the inauguration of the new constitution of Kenya in 2010, Sonko made it public that he would contest for senator, Nairobi county. He won the seat beating his close opponent, Margaret Wanjiru. Sonko formed the Sonko Rescue team while he was the senator for Nairobi. The senator donated vehicles to assist in running the county government which was under the stewardship of Governor Evans Kidero.

By January 2016, Sonko had made it public that he would run for the governor of Nairobi County during the 2017 general elections. Sonko fought the battle of political campaigns and emerged the winner, having brought down the then governor Evans Kidero, and thus became the second Governor for Nairobi County.

Mike Sonko Wife and Children

Hon Mike Sonko was married to one woman named Njeri Wangui but unfortunately, she passed on. They had one daughter named Saumu, who is the first child to Mike Sonko. Sonko had a second wife who also passed on in 2015, and left him with one daughter named Salma. Sonko has a third child called Satin Osinya, who appears to be adopted. Additionally, Sonko has another daughter named Sandra.


Sonko’s Net-Worth

Sonko earlier on claimed to be worth more than Nairobi’s Kshs.32 Billion annual budget. Additionally, the Nairobi Governor stated that he has some fixed deposit accounts in several banks, to the tune of Kshs.500 million. He claims that he has built his wealth way back before he even joined politics.

In a recent interview, the Governor had to show his mountainous title deeds and logbooks, which cumulatively dwarfed Nairobi County’s annual budget.

Sonko is majorly known for his gold taste. Relevant sources have shown the Governor appears on many occasions in gold plated shoes. He also owns a fleet of gold plated cars, furniture and even a smartphone worth more than one million.

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