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Miguna Miguna Wins Kenyans Heart Again After This Late Night Message.

Dr.Miguna Miguna.(Source/Facebook/courtesy)
Dr.Miguna Miguna.(Source/Facebook/courtesy)

Former Nairobi gubernatorial aspirant Dr.Miguna Miguna has won the hearts of several Kenyans online after he tweeted a message advocating for their well-being amid the Coronavirus crisis.

Miguna,in his late Saturday late night urged the government to allow Kenyans to also have cheap COVID-19 testing offered at the parliament.In his statement, he said it was unfair for members of the public to be tested at Ksh 13,000 as compared to MPS who were being tested at Ksh.5,000.

He further advocated for the introduction of free Coronavirus testing in the country saying it was the best way to help the poor and also to help curb the spread of the novel virus.

A section of Kenyan legislators. (Source/Facebook /courtesy)

“There are #COVID2019 tests being done at Parliament Buildings for MPs at a cost of Sh5,000 per person. Members of the public being “tested” at Lancet in Upper Hill at the cost of Sh13,000 per person with a “referral letter.” There should be FREE TESTS for the public EVERYWHERE,”he stated.

“It’s ridiculous that the MPIgs who are still getting paid billions of tax-payers’ funds when they do not work are being charged less than hard-working members of the public forced into illegal curfews. Test kits and facilities must be available countrywide for free to all Kenyans,”he added.

Kenyans on Twitter unanimously agreed with Miguna sentiments with some thanking God for making the disease non-discriminatory between the rich and poor.

Miguna Miguna
Dr.Miguna Miguna.(Source/Facebook/courtesy)

“One good thing is that Covid-19 is not a “POOR MAN’S DISEASE”…it will not even spare those Mpigs..”

“Bwana Daktari, of all the Kenyans out there, stay safe… are our twitter “wikileak” 👏👏🙌.”

“I think we should match and demand to get tested ,we pay tax day in day out ,our money should cater for this … after all most us get deducted for NSSF and NHIF …and we hardly use or won’t even get the chance to utilize and benefit from this deductions …”

“Let them oppress us and do anything they want to common mwananchi but let them remember we voted for them to represent us and because we pay tax and these #covid-19 is affecting the whole world not only Kenya the government should make some test and equipment free and accessible.”

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