Miguna Miguna Tweet Allegation on Raila’s Health that is Totally Bad News for Odinga’s Supporters.


The exiled lawyer and activist Dr. Miguna Miguna have come out to address Raila’s status claiming that ODM’s boss is not fit to speak in public. Miguna has accused Raila and his aids of lying to Kenyans that the former premier had attended a conference in DRC which has been proved not to be the case.

The talkative lawyer has also refuted claims that Raila has undergone minor surgery, adding that Raila could be very sick saying that there is no such as minor surgery.

” There is no “minor” BRAIN SURGERY. Accept the reality that Kenyans have stopped the #CoronaCoalition‘s reggae. #uhurumustgo. #despotsmustfall #RevolutionNow

He added, “Raila Odinga tried to lie to Kenyans that he had traveled to the Democratic Republic of Congo to attend a conference. Anyone who lies about their illness and brain surgery is not fit to speak in public leave alone occupying public office. Raila Odinga, please recover and RETIRE!”

Miguna allegation that could be a bare truth has caught Raila supporters in panic, could be the ODM boss be in unstable condition? Given that ODM officials had earlier denied that their boss had been taken in ill, his true condition could worse than they claim to be.

While confirming the report on Raila’s health, his family have dismissed reports by ODM party that their party leader went to DRC for work related activities.

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Miguna Miguna

Giving out contrary report to earlier claims by ODM, Raila’s elder brother Oburu Odinga in an interview with a local media house confirmed that he was airlifted on Sunday night for treatment overseas after his condition worsened.

According to Oburu, Raila underwent surgery at a German Hospital in Dubai. The family did not however divulge more details as to what was ailing the opposition leader.

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