Ayub Bundi Exposed: Meru County Goat Breeders Scandal.

Meru County Goat Breeders Scandal

The Company is associated with Ayub Bundi. In 2015 the company won a Scandalous tender Worth 8.5M to supply goats to registered groups of Farmers. The Specifications of the breeds were Togen, Agro Nubian & Boer goats.

Ayub Bundi decided to buy goats Kianjai, Mukothima & Nkondi markets the worst breeds and supplied to farmers. The estimated costs of this worst breed were Ksh.1.2M. Ayub was paid 8.5M from the tender.

In 2016 Ayub Bundi won another tender under the company Meru Goat Breeders of Ksh 12M. He played the same game. Unfortunately, this payment delayed and became a pending bill.

In 2018 Kiraitu Murungi formulated a Committee Pending Bills Verification Committee that was tasked with verifying the Bills. Meru Goat breeders were among the Company that was labeled not to be paid because nothing was supplied.

So Ayub Bundi is using all means to silicate money from finance (12M) for air supply.

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