Waiguru Impeachment Final Word… “How Many Times will one Commit Transgression and go Unpunished?” Wakili Ndegwa Njiru.

Ndegwa Njiru

Netizens have showered Kirinyaga County Assembly Lawyer Ndegwa Njiru with praises for being a tough and well learned lawyer. 

Ndegwa is among those involved in the ongoing hearing of governor Waiguru’s impeachment motion consisting of 11 member senate committee. 

The lawyer had sought the committee’s intervention so as to get hold of Waiguru’s Passports to help in sustaining a charge against her. 

Kenyans on the Internet have come out to praise the lawyer for his eloquence and for telling it as it is when he spoke and questioned the witnesses on Waiguru’s side.

Waiguru during the her impeachment hearing Image courtesy

Some of the lawyers representing Waiguru like her husband Kamotho Waiganjo were Ndegwa’s lecturers at some point and the way he managed to challenge them has excited many. 

Kenyans on Twitter who have been following the proceedings have actually likened him to his fellow learned friend James Orenho who many refer to as ‘the walking Constitution’.


As he continues to represent the people of Kirinyaga, many are still hopeful that the impeachment of Waiguru goes through. 

@leditianbraun “This lawyer Ndegwa Njiru is a true Kenyan patriot. Trying to protect our resources from well known public looters. We know the Senate will save the looter, but we will organize public countrywide demos to compel this govt to protect our taxes. #waiguruMustGo”

@migunamiguna254 “It’s sad for Kirinyaga residents, Ndegwa Njiru is trying his best to save you from another 2 horrible years of theft and corruption, but the die is cast, she is saved and nothing will happen to her. Kudos Ndegwa for being on the truth and right#waiguruMustGo”

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@captaindominic “This Man Ndegwa Njiru is the Man of the Match hitting it straight to the head,He is not joking atleast he tried to protect the people of Kirinyaga from the Queen of Corruption. Ndegwa Njiru should be the next Kirinyaga Senator. #waiguruMustGo”

@daktarigatero “Ndegwa Njiru is Waiguru’s worst nightmare. Infront of him Kamotho Waiganjo sounds like a first year law student with 2 supplementary exams😂”

@ngangacarmau “Much respect to this advocate, he’s dismantling three advocates for are defending a serial looter, but we are skeptical the referee might not hand over the victory to him. A job well done by wakili Ndegwa Njiru” 

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