Meet Victor Maina, The Man Who Owns Maathai Supermarket

Maathai Supermarket is a retail chain that operates in Kenya. It was founded by the late environmental and political activist, Professor Wangari Maathai, in 1992. The supermarket chain is named after Professor Maathai, who was the first African woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize in 2004.

Maathai Supermarket is known for providing a wide range of products, including fresh produce, meat, groceries, and household items, at affordable prices. The supermarket chain has several branches in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya, and has expanded to other parts of the country over the years.

In addition to its retail operations, Maathai Supermarket is also involved in community development initiatives. The supermarket has a program that supports local farmers by sourcing fresh produce directly from them, thereby promoting sustainable agriculture practices and supporting the local economy.

Maathai Supermarket has become a popular shopping destination for many Kenyans, and its commitment to providing quality products and supporting the community has made it a respected institution in the country.

While we have witnessed the downfall of giant supermarkets like Nakumatt and Tuskys, the Maathai supermarket brand has maintained its reputation as well as fully packed stocks for over a decade now.

The supermarket is considered one of the biggest supermarkets in Kenya with branches in different counties. Currently, the supermarket has provided over 500 job opportunities to Kenyans, and its headquarters are situated in Thika town.

Maathai Supermarket

The famous Maathai supermarket is owned by Victor Maina, a Thika-based tycoon who has invested heavily in different businesses. In 2006 the veteran businessman bought a building that formerly hosted the iconic JackJil supermarket for kes 76million. However, despite purchasing the building, the Jack and Jill owner was still not ready to vacate the premises as Maina wanted to do a renovation of the building.

After back and forth Maina eventually went to the Business Premises Rent Tribunal citing the building was in a bad condition and renovations. The court heard his cry and the Jack and Jill owner was given the notice to vacate within a week.


However, the owner never agreed with the order and in return, he went to court to prevent Maina from evicting him. Following the push and pull between Maina and Jack and Jill’s owner, Maina eventually decided to demolish the building with goods inside the store, and the “raia” decided to steal everything from the supermarket.

Following the demolition, Maina established another building that has been pending for years, and most Nairobians know it as a netted building in the OTC stage along Ronald Ngala Street.

Establishing Maathai Supermarket

Maina founded the supermarket in 2014, launching its first store in the central business district of Nairobi (CBD). The Supermarket was placed in a building that he owns so it was easy for him to set it up since he didn’t have a landlord on his neck

Since 2014, the supermarket has grown and expanded beyond boundaries establishing branches in Thika, Ruiru, Murang’a, Nyeri, Karatina, Nairobi, Embu as well as Meru. On top of that, it is also among the top four supermarkets in Kenya that have provided over 500 employment opportunities to Kenyans.

Victor Maina Other Businesses

Aside from supermarkets, Maina has really invested heavily in real estate businesses where he owns numerous flats in Thika as well as Nairobi. He has also invested in entertainment where he owns two clubs based in Thika, the famous club Image, and Liquid Kash which is also based in Thika.

In his line of business, he has been entangled in different controversies including a Ksh 300 million land fraud. In the case, Maina is accused of conning Kariuki Muiruri after the two agreed on the price but later Maina went against the agreement and decided to change the transfer papers without the knowledge of the land.

Victor Maina’s wealth

Maina is among the few multi-billionaires we have in the country with his wealth valued at Ksh 20 billion and above.

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