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Meet Rev Natasha Cutest Church Ushers.

Rev Natasha Church Ushers: Attending the weekly Miracle Monday Services held at 680 Hotel, one will be forgiven for thinking you are in one of the major airports across the globe.

The ushers known as Kingdom Hostesses dress elegantly, superbly, and in the latest fashion trends.

Meet Rev Natasha Cutest Church Ushers.
Rev Natasha and Her Church Ushers

Their dedication and commitment to serving the Lord is commendable. Rev Natasha, their spiritual mother, and host of the Miracle Monday Services is full of praise and has constantly encouraged them to serve the Lord with all excellence.

Meet Rev Natasha Cutest Church Ushers.
Rev Natasha’s Church Ushers

Apart from expensive outfits, the reverend has also treated us to her security detail, comprising of young men who accompany her to events.

The team, wearing matching outfits with Natasha, has appeared in many of the photos she posts on her social media accounts.

Whether attending meetings, church service, and other events, Natasha’s team has never disappointed

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