Meet the billionaires who own Lato Milk:

Meet the billionaires who own Lato Milk: Bhasker Kotecha and Anand Kapoor. In the heart of Uganda’s dairy industry lies a remarkable success story, embodied by the creamy goodness of Lato Milk. Lato Milk is one of the most popular dairy brands in East Africa, known for its high-quality dairy products.

Based in Uganda, the company has majored in producing pure and nutritious high-quality milk products.

Bhasker Kotecha and Anand Kapoor’s

Lato Milk’s ownership is a tale of two billionaires who share a vision of excellence and growth. Bhasker Kotecha and Anand Kapoor’s commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability has elevated Lato Milk to new heights and spurred economic development in the region by partnering with local dairy farmers.

In a world where conglomerates and corporations often remain faceless, the story of Lato Milk and its billionaire owners stands out as a reminder that behind every product is a journey, and behind every success are individuals who drive it forward.

As the sun rises over the dairy farms of Uganda, it illuminates not only the lush green pastures but also the indomitable spirit of entrepreneurship exemplified by Kotecha and Kapoor – the billionaires who own Lato Milk.

However, the company’s ownership is unknown to many, especially because it is originally from a different country.ThisThis beloved product, cherished by many, has a story that stretches beyond the glass bottles it comes in.

Behind the scenes, two visionary entrepreneurs have been quietly steering the ship of Lato Milk’s parent company, Pearl Dairy Farms Limited, under the umbrella of the Midland Group.

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Founded in 2016, Pearl Dairy Farms Limited has carved a prominent place for itself in Uganda’s dairy landscape. Privately held, this company has spread its wings with subsidiaries in Kenya and Dubai, underscoring its global ambitions.

The factory, sprawled across 15 acres, stands as a testament to both innovation and aspiration, capable of processing an impressive 500,000 liters of milk each day.

From Farm to Factory: The Dairy Journey

Lato Milk’s journey begins in the Mbarara district and its neighboring communities, where dairy farmers supply the essential ingredient – milk. Their dedication and hard work lay the foundation for the exceptional quality that Lato Milk stands for.

The transformation from farm to factory is a testament to Pearl Dairy Farms’ commitment to excellence, as they meticulously process this liquid gold into the creamy delight that graces breakfast tables across the region.

Lato Milk Production

Beneath the creamy surface of Lato Milk’s success lie two remarkable personalities – Bhasker Kotecha and Anand Kapoor.

The ownership of Midland Group, the parent company of Pearl Dairy Farms Limited, is divided between these two billionaires, each contributing their unique perspective and expertise.

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Bhasker Kotecha, with a commanding 50.5 percent stake in the company, brings his visionary leadership and business acumen to the table.

His dedication to fostering growth and innovation has been instrumental in shaping Pearl Dairy Farms Limited into the dairy powerhouse it is today.

Anand Kapoor, holding a significant 49.5 percent stake, complements Kotecha’s strengths with his strategic insights and a keen eye for global trends.

Kapoor’s commitment to quality and his drive to expand Lato Milk’s reach internationally have been pivotal in positioning the brand as a beacon of excellence.

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