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1 Meet Sijenyi Jnr Inspiring Youth On Political Leadership.

Sijenyi Jnr

Many times the youth have always felt isolated when it comes to political decision making in the country.
Most of the youths do feel abandoned after the general elections, saying that there is no need for involving themselves in the campaigns as they are commonly misused and dumped.
Loyce, a resident at Kasarani Ward says that she feels misused by one of the City iconic politicians, who in return never fulfilled her promises.

However, Mr Victor Sijenyi Jnr, a young and a political aspirant, argues that the youth needs to involve themselves in active politics to have the powers in the decision making in political leadership, as politics determines all the aspects of life.

Sijenyi Jnr on Politics

“As young people, we must put all efforts in order to fully engaged in politics however how much we concentrate on economical development. Politics will overrule everything we do if we lack a voice on the political table.”, Mr. Sijenyi Jnr says.

He further urges that young people should take spaces in the political leadership, as most of the successful political leaders today, started when they were young and forced their way through. This is the only way of removing the aged from political leadership, as Mr. Sijenyi Jnr puts it.

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