Meet Rehema Kiteto – The Youngest Administrator In Kenya

Rehema Kiteto hails from a humble background in the arid area of Samburu in Kwale County. Historically, Samburu is infamous for its lack of water and cattle rustling.

Rehema Kiteto Parents

Her father worked as a salesperson while her mother was a herdswoman in one of the driest areas of the region.


Her education began at Samburu Primary School and later at Mwasere Girls High School before she joined Egerton University to pursue a bachelor’s degree in sociology, English, and Literature.

She was a natural leader, being a dormitory prefect at Mwasere Girls and a class representative at Egerton University.

After graduation in 2019, she got a job in Nakuru as a print journalist under the Standard Media Group.

She was planning to go back to school to do a postgraduate diploma in Journalism when her father discouraged her as he felt Journalism was not a safe career for her.

Working Career

Consequently, she worked as a Kazi Mtaani Supervisor in Kwale and held a role as the deputy speaker in the Kwale County Youth Assembly.

At just 26 years old in 2023, Rehema Kiteto made history when she became the youngest Assistant County Commissioner in Kenya.

The Assistant County Commissioner position is an equivalent of the District Officer ( D•O ) under the old system. In this job, she reports to the Deputy County Commissioner ( DCC ) which is an equivalent of the DC in the old Provincial administration.

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Kiteto is now the head of what used to be a Division in the now-defunct system. In this position, she is directly in charge of all the junior administrators, including the chiefs and assistant chiefs.

For the 26-year-old, it is a great honor to be saluted by people who are way much older than her.

Unlike other young graduates in the country who take time before getting a bearing in life, Kiteto was lucky to find herself in government with a huge salary just two years after graduating with a degree in English, Literature, and Sociology from Egerton University.

Just like any other jobless young graduate, she tried her luck by applying for the position on the Public Service Commission of Kenya portal and ended up securing the position which comes with several benefits.

Political Ambitious

Born and raised in Samburu, Kwale County which is part of Kinango constituency, Kiteto briefly worked for Standard Group as a journalist soon after graduating from Egerton University.

At one point, she was harboring political ambitions and wanted to run for the Samburu Ward Member of the County Assembly. But she shelved her ambitions.

Depending on how she is going to perform in her current role as ACC, Kiteto is one person to watch in the future. Will she rise to the position of Regional Commissioner? Well, only time will tell.

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