Meet Raila Odinga Son, Raila Junior Wife

Raila Junior Wife is a beautiful lady who goes by the name of Yvonne Wambui Kibukosya. Yvonne is the daughter of Gido and Suzanne Kibukosya (now Suzanne Gachukia), a former celebrity songstress-turned-music producer.

Yvonne Wambui Kibukosya, the wife of Raila Junior, poured out sentiments about her mother-in-law, Ida Odinga, during a recent birthday celebration held in honor of the opposition leader’s wife.

In a conversation with Nairobi News, Yvonne shared her deep admiration for Ida, describing her not only as a mother-in-law but also as a mentor who has profoundly influenced her life.

Yvonne expressed her feelings towards Ida as extending far beyond the typical mother-in-law relationship.

She expressed her growing love and admiration for her, acknowledging the invaluable life lessons she has received under her guidance.

Rather than referring to her as a mother-in-law, Yvonne emphasized that Ida is her mentor. She has imparted her wisdom about life, marriage, and the art of nurturing.

Yvonne feels fortunate to have Ida as a maternal figure in her life and acknowledges the humility that comes with learning from someone of her stature.

“I have grown to love my mother-in-law, and I can’t even call her my mother-in-law because she is actually my mentor.

“She has taught me a lot about life, marriage and how to be a strong and nurturing mother. I’m very proud to call her my mother-in-law, and I aspire to follow in her footsteps,” Yvonne said.

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Yvonne shared the wisdom she has gained from her mother-in-law throughout her marriage.

She expressed a desire to emulate Ida’s qualities, highlighting the positive attributes that have made her an inspiring figure for her.

In addition to Ida, Yvonne acknowledged the wealth of knowledge that both Raila Odinga and Ida possess.

She acknowledged that she and Raila Junior have much to learn from the experiences and teachings of their parents.

“To my father-in-law, he is the greatest and I love him. He is the kind of a father every daughter could ever ask for in terms of what he does for the country and how much he loves his family and what he fights for the country as well,” she said.

In 2011, Raila Junior and Yvonne Wambui exchanged vows in a wedding ceremony attended by prominent figures. Yvonne Wambui is the daughter of retired music executive Gido Kibukosya.

Reflecting on the earlier years of their marriage in 2019, Raila Junior shared the challenges they faced while trying to have a child.

The couple welcomed their first child in August 2021.

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