Meet Mithika Linturi’s First Wife – Mercy Thinkii Kaimenyi

A woman severally identified as Agriculture CS Mithika Linturi’s first wife Mercy Thinkii Kaimenyi has finally opened up about her troubled marriage of 22 years.

A professional teacher, Mercy Thinkii Kaimenyi now says she still stands by her husband despite ‘incitement’ from friends and close relatives.

“I have never commented on my marriage for the last 22 years. Reason being I chose peace for my sake , Mithika (Linturi) and our children.” reads part of Mercy’s Facebook post.

According to Mercy, her decision to go public about her marriage woes was prompted by several calls from friends after Kawira Mwangaza’s recent Facebook post.

“For those calling me, some inciting me, you all need to relax. 99 percent of you are not happy in your marriages. I stand by Mithika (Linturi) because he was my first love and an adoring father to my children. I would still do it any day.” she adds.

Madam Lucy

On Wednesday (15th March 2023), Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza revealed that she had a meeting with CS Mithika Linturi’s wife, Madam Lucy.

Kawira took to Social Media to celebrate what she termed a special gift from Lucy.

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“Blessings from Mrs. Mithika Linturi CS Agriculture Madam Lucy. Love you beautiful Girl and little sister for Special Gift to me.” reads part of the Governor’s Facebook post.

An ardent Azimio supporter, Mercy says Linturi’s new wife loves her children, something she says adds to her peace and joy.

“Kusema ukweli, she is the only woman who has come to Mithika’s life and loved my children as her own. And if Mithika is happy, then my children are happy and I am happy.” she says.

Mercy Thinkii Kaimenyi Church Wedding

In 2019, a Catholic priest testified in court that he solemnized the marriage between Mithika Linturi and Mercy Thinkii Kaimenyi.

Jackson Micheni appeared before Magistrate Peter Gesora at the Milimani Law Courts to give evidence in a divorce case between Hon. Linturi and Marianne Kitany.

“I officiated a Christian marriage between Mithika Linturi and Mercy Kaimenyi, who were young then, on April 8, 2000, at the Tigania Parish,” said Father Micheni.

A wedding video was played in court, with Micheni saying, “It was a true marriage between Linturi and Mercy. As you can see, I have also aged a bit since then.”

A marriage certificate was produced as evidence that the union had taken place.

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