Meet Lynn Ngugi Tycoon Boyfriend

Digital Content Creator Lynn Ngugi has finally opened up about being in a relationship with a Tycoon.

Known to keep her personal matters away from her fans, Lynn shared this intimate detail during a candid conversation with her close friend Lilian Zawadi.

“I could stay here the whole day… It’s deep. Every time I even think of why I love him, it just sends me to an emotional space. He loves me and it’s not just like I love you because you give me this, he loves me as a person. When someone doesn’t make you doubt, you know it’s a safe space. When you never have to go to bed doubting is this good,” said Lynn Ngugi

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Lynn shared some insights into her relationship saying her partner was intelligent and rich referring to him as a Tycoon.

“I just feel like it’s given. I feel good about it. I am blessed and the luckiest woman. He’s an amazing person and intelligent also. And he’s loaded… he’s a tycoon,”

The 34-year-old went on to elaborate on various aspects of her connection with her partner, revealing what draws her to him.

Intriguingly, Ngugi and Zawadi disclosed that their partners are, in fact, best friends.

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