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Sonko Versus Babayao: The Main 10 Differences

1. Sonko beat Kidero like Burukenge, Babayao was beaten by Kidero like Shebesh.

2. Sonko catches the Corrupt and exposes them, Babayao is one of the Corrupt waiting to be exposed.

3. Sonko takes on the Leading Land Grabbers in Nairobi, Babayao is among the Leading Land Grabbers in Nairobi.

4. Sonko is a well-known giver & philanthropist, Babayao is a well-known grabber & Kleptomaniac.

5. Sonko has an Original Degree in Business Administration, Babayao has a Fake Degree in Business Administration.

6. Sonko has collected over 30 Billion since he became Governor, Babayao has stolen over 30 Billion since he became Governor.


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7. Sonko is outperforming his predecessor Kidero, Waititu is underperforming his predecessor Kabogo.

8. Sonko is the only Capital City Governor in the whole Kenya, Babayao is one of Village Level Governors across Kenya.

9. Sonko was elected by Nairobians as Senator in 2013 and Governor in 2017, Babayao was rejected by Nairobians as Governor in 2013 and then chickened out.

10. Sonko is Kenya’s Top 4th Most Popular & Loved Politician after Uhuru, Ruto, and Raila, Babayao is Kenya’s Top 4th Most Unpopular & Hated Politicians after Miguna Miguna, Okoth Obado, and Cyprian Owiti.

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