Esther Nthenya Muli: Lady Who Was With Machako’s Senator When He Collapsed

Esther Nthenya Muli

Machakos Senator Bonface Mutinda has rushed to the hospital a few days ago because he had collapsed. Since then, he has been in the ICU, and news about how he is doing has not been reported. According to the news, he was alleged with a certain woman and it looks like they were trying to hide it. She was arrested and today was held for 7 days on probation.

This was posted by NTV news and on their post they wrote, ” UPDATE: Secondary school teacher Esther Nthenya Muli held 7 days for probe into the attempted murder of Machakos Senator Boniface Mutinda Kabaka”

Esther Nthenya Muli
Esther Nthenya Muli In Court

Some of the Kenyans responses to Esther Nthenya Muli Case.

Nyar: Attempted murder??

Instead, this Mutinda should be arrested for attempted suicide

Kubali: What is this all about, may be the teacher drove the senator crazy with sweetness commonly known as ‘comma’

John: If She Is A Secondary school Teacher There Is No Problem She Was Teaching Him How To Add And Subtract Money In The Senate.

Morris: Mzae overdosed mkombero but the court is overturning the case to oppress the lady who tried her level best to serve our dormant senator in different styles 😂😂😂 Cain and Abel are watching on you😁😁

Amos: Alady was man of the match. Senetor lets kamba mens down. Its win takes all. Senetor lost the match.

Martin: Let me take this chance thank the Njeri’s, this time they have left the perpetual behavior to Mutunda.

Esther Nthenya Muli

Bernard: The lady must not be prosecuted, Kabaka collapsed due to the lady’s skills. Kabaka went there with an empty stomach.

Phoebe Ndung’u Surely with the cases on the DCI table they have time for this….. anyway we know the hospital results of what he took won’t be released and the lady will be free for now this just PR

Wangechi Kariuki The senator is trying to cleanse his name by making the woman suffer. The two adulterous beings should not fool the public. Esther Nthenya Muli should be set free. I actually don’t understand why they had to publicize their adulterous selves.

Minnie Nyams So thé senator is ashamed of what happened and the only way to redeem himself is by accusing the lady of attempted murder???

Osango Allan Olindo I see the wife’s hand hapa. These guys were going for some fun. The guy knowing very well his not up to the task. Decided to use help(Blue pill) forgetting all about his blood pressure. Now how’s that attempted murder…

Wexa PrincyIts the sweetest things that kill faster, have you ever choked on honey, or got with someone’s wife. Never joke with that other gender that stayed with Lucifer in the garden for a whole night. You don’t know the secret and covenant they entered with the serpent.

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