Meet Billionaires Who Own 1824 Bar and Restaurant

1824 Bar and Restaurant is one of Nairobi’s most recognizable and popular nightclubs. Located along Lang’ata Road, the club is practically guaranteed to be packed on any given weekend.

Revelers from across the city troop to the lounge which features stylish modern design, alcohol-themed fittings and exciting music guaranteeing a fun party atmosphere. It also regularly hosts performances by popular artists and DJs.

The lounge rakes in millions. During the COVID-19 pandemic, documents filed in court by the club as it sought to be allowed to resume operations during lockdown claimed that it had lost over Ksh45 million in 8 months, putting its monthly income north of Ksh5 million.

1824 Bar and Restaurant is owned by Wilson Nashon Kanani alongside 2 other business associates, Biko Ochieng Gwendo and George Avugwi Lutta. Each of them owns 1000 shares in Seventeen Fourty Nine Ltd, the company that owns 1824 Bar and Restaurant.

The company was incorporated in August 2014.

Kanani is worth at least Ksh100 million, with properties spread across Nairobi and Busia counties. He was the target of a corruption investigation by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) which has linked his vast riches to graft.

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Kanani is employed by the Nairobi county government as a Development Control Officer, a role that involves ensuring advertising boards and other signage in the city complies with regulations. He earns a monthly salary of Ksh55,866.

EACC accused him of taking hefty bribes and kickbacks from contractors.

Despite his modest salary, he owns properties including apartments in Kahawa and Lang’ata’s NHC estate, a townhouse in Phenom Estate, Lang’ata, and residential and rental properties in Busia county, as well as high-end vehicles.

EACC initiated forfeiture proceedings against Kanani, his family and companies associated with him – including Wilman Auto Invests, Willy Walla International Ltd, Regineez Enterprises Ltd and Wilcoreg Ltd.

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