Meet the Billionaire who Owns the Kensalt Company

You can find a packet of Kensalt, which is still a necessary item, in practically every home. Unbeknownst to many, the Patel family, whose unyielding presence has extended throughout the nation and throughout the continent, is the owner of the Malindi-based Kensalt.

The business, formerly known as Salt Manufacturers Limited, is Africa’s second-largest salt producer, demonstrating its market presence. One million tonnes of the food additive are thought to be produced by the company annually.

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According to previous media sources, Kensalt controls 75% of the salt market in Kenya and 50% in the adjoining nation of Uganda.

Before establishing a foothold on the continent, Kensalt collaborated with the government through the Industrial Commercial Development Corporation (ICDC) and Saltec International, an Italian company.

Mansukh Patel, the organization’s founder, was hailed as a renowned industrialist with interests in several industries.

Mansukh Patel Properties

The Solai Group of Companies, controlled by Mansukh, included Kensalt Limited and Solai Coffee Estates, which produce a variety of horticulture goods, including flowers, macadamia nuts, and coffee.

The tycoon also ran Nairobi Ceramics, Supplies and Services Limited, and Enkasiri Flowers, a 65-hectare flower farm in Thika. The family enterprises’ reach has grown significantly over time thanks to the business magnet.

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He almost came to the limelight when the Solai dam tragedy occurred. The dam was on his farm where cultivated a variety of crops including Coffee and tea. The man is estimated to be making millions from his farm annually. He also produces milk from his dairy farm.

Nine persons were detained in connection with the incident, including Mansukh’s son, but were released by the High Court owing to a lack of evidence.

On June 28, 2021, Mansukh passed away while receiving medical care at a neighborhood hospital in Nairobi. His family claims that he passed away from a heart arrest.

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