Meet Billionaire Ann Njoroge’s Beautiful Daughter-Sara Wanjiku

Ann Njoroge, the businesswoman implicated in the KSH 17 billion fuel scandal, addressed the media on Monday after resurfacing from her abscond last week. Now Sara Wanjiku her daughter came to her rescue.

In her statement to the media, the affluent business magnate reaffirmed her ownership of the fuel that had been unlawfully discharged in violation of a court order.

Notwithstanding the insistence of Cabinet Secretary for Energy Davis Chirchir and high-ranking officials of the Kenya Ports Authority that Galana Energies imported the petroleum, this has transpired.

Njoroge denied the accusations that she claimed proprietorship of the consignment based on forged documentation.

Sara Wanjiku is the daughter of Ann Njoroge. Her family, led by her daughter Sarah Wanjiku, asserts that the presented documents are authentic and that the entire importation procedure was adhered to, as evidenced by the bill of lading bearing the appropriate approval markings.

Ann Njoroge's Beautiful Daughter

She disclosed that her mother has over three decades of experience in the importation industry and is authorized to ship gasoline and other general merchandise to numerous African nations.

Furthermore, she claimed that the initial quantity of the shipment, as previously reported by her mother, was 100,000 metric tons rather than 93,000 metric tons. However, the legal representatives for Ann Njoroge have levied allegations against the pertinent agencies, alleging that they discharged the shipment in violation of a court order that had halted the cargo’s unloading.

At this time, it is uncertain whether the fuel’s ownership enigma will ultimately be resolved.

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