Maurice Ogeta-Meet Raila’s Longest Serving Bodyguard

Owing to his stature in the country, ODM leader and Azimio la Umoja presidential Raila Odinga, is one of the most protected and is where Maurice Ogeta comes in.

Maurice Ogeta Age

Maurice Ogeta’s age is not publicly disclosed but according to a source, the bodyguard is estimated to be 43 years old. 

Maurice is among the most highly trained security guards in Kenya. According to sources, Maurice Ogeta has a military training for over 25 years.

Maurice Ogeta Training

He has trained with some of the best militaries in the world. Maurice has trained with Israeli special forces for 15 years and Russian forces for 10 years.

The special guard has also trained in Afghanistan for 2 years and France for another 2 years. He holds the record of the fastest man in the military field and also the best sharpshooter.

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Maurice is known for wearing African design suits with his strong serious face. He is the best security guard in former prime minister Raila Odinga’s security team. He is entrusted to protect the life of Odinga, especially during a time when his life is in danger due to the ongoing country-wide demonstrations.

In fact, his security could rank fourth in the country behind President Uhuru Kenyatta, Deputy President William Ruto, and former President Mwai Kibaki.

Raila Odinga Security

As former Prime Minister and African Union Special Envoy, Raila is entitled to 24-hour state security. Most importantly, he is one of the few Kenyans entitled to a siren in his motorcade.

But besides the Government’s security and protection, Raila also relies heavily on the services of one man who has been with him during the most dangerous and trying moments of his political career. His name is Maurice Ogeta.

Though little is known about his security experience and professional career, the man has been at the heart of Raila’s security for nearly two decades.

In most of Raila’s meetings and political engagements, he is always seen walking with his bodyguard. Sometimes, he would be seen seated behind the former Prime Minister.

Having been with a man of Raila’s stature for that long, this man could have won the heart and trust of the ODM chief.

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