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Martha Karua Biography Age, Education, Career, Marriage and More

Martha Karua Biography: Age, Education, Career, Marriage and More
Martha Karua Biography: Age, Education, Career, Marriage and More

Martha Karua is among the highly respected women in Kenya, having earned both dignity and integrity through her tireless fight for human rights.

She is a woman of a kind, one who has fought her way through the Kenyan Government and made it known to many that any woman in Kenya can also be a leader, regardless of the background one has come from.

Many people term her as a no-nonsense woman who bears a reputable background. her quest for power has earned her fame and favor among many people. The far that Karua has come, she all takes it with resilience through thick and thin.

Here is the biography of the famous Martha Karua.

Martha Karua Family

Martha Karua was born in the current Kirinyaga county, formerly called the Kirinyaga district in Central Kenya. She grew up in Kimunye village in Gichugu constituency. She is the second born in a family of eight.

Her family is called the Karua’s for her dad goes by the Jackson Karua. Karua’s early development really shaped her to be the woman she is today. Her origin really defines her nature and capabilities.

Martha Karua Age

Martha Karua was born on 22nd September 1957. Martha Karua just celebrated her 63rd birthday as of the year 2020. She has remained to be a strong woman full of age and still ready to fight on no matter how tough it may seem.


Karua initially enrolled for ordinary levels at Kabare Girls Boarding School and later on, she enrolled for advanced levels at Kiburia Girls Secondary School.

Karua later pursued her East African School Certificate at Karoti Girls high School. Upon qualifying, she joined the University of Nairobi where she pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Law.

The qualified Karua, later on, pursued a postgraduate course in Law at the Kenya School of Law. Her quest for education has made her achieve great results in the education sector. Her victory in education has shaped her and made her a woman whom anyone can really admire.


Martha has done very well in her career, a factor that has acted as a stepping stone for her and the people around her. All along she has had great achievements in her career development.

She began as a Magistrate in various courts in Kenya immediately after she graduated. She later established her own Law firm named Martha Karua & Co. Advocates which she personally managed till the year 2002.

Martha has since then been actively involved in the Kenyan Government by holding several positions besides being involved in the founding of Narc.

The Kenyan Government has been made to make her fit into the system, and fight for human rights in the best way possible.

Martha Karua Marriage

Martha Karua stands out to be both a dad and a mom of her two kids. Her marriage life remains to be unique for she has had to exercise her capabilities through her personal family life.

Her fight as a single mother has made her proud of her kids for they have equally had a big achievement courtesy of their mother. Thanks to Karua for her bold heart.

Martha Karua Biography: Age, Education, Career, Marriage and More
Martha Karua Biography: Age, Education, Career, Marriage and More

More Facts about Martha Karua

Karua remains to have an identical character that no other woman in Kenya can easily attain. In Kenya, it is quite hard to get such a woman on board. many women have tried to reach Karua’s level but she still stands to hold the mantle.

She was “the only man” in the house at the PNU cabinet where all other Cabinet Members were gents. During Moi’s era, Karua was spotted walking out of the stadium as Moi was addressing members. Such facts make Karua a unique woman.

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