5 Most Marketable Diploma Courses in Kenya in 2021

Marketable Diploma Courses

If you have not obtained a grade for university, there is still an opportunity to further your studies. Doing a diploma course is the beginning of a journey to own a degree.

A diploma course takes two to three years after that, they go ahead and do a degree of the same course.

In this article, I would like to mention some of the Marketable diploma courses in Kenya today.

1. Diploma in medicine or any other medical-related courses. Medicine is entirely Marketable in Kenya. With availability of many clinics in the country, there are chances of getting a job with a diploma in this course.

2. Diploma in law. There many people in Kenya who are lawyers and truly they didn’t go a degree at the beginning. Someone may choose to do a diploma them study for a degree later.

Marketable Diploma Courses

3. Diploma in engineering. Engineering still remains the most marketable course in Kenya. Starting with a diploma is a better choice. Someone may prefer to further his/her studies and own a degree.

4. Diploma in business administration. Though many people are doing this course, it still remains to be among the best courses in Kenya.

5. Diploma in Statistics. This is a course which is done by people with a good grasp of mathematics. If you are good at mathematics, I can advise you to do this course.

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