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Marketable Certificate Courses You Can Pursue with D+

Marketable Certificate Courses You Can Pursue with D+

Sometimes we might not all pass with good grades and join the universities of our choice. Thus for some who don’t pass exams but score D+, they can enroll at a polytechnic and do a certificate in a course and proceed to Diploma up to the highest level of education they would like to reach.

Poor grades do not necessarily mean that you have failed in life but an opportunity to score high. There are very many marketable certificate courses you can take

1. Sales and marketing.

Sales and marketing are one of the popular careers and marketable certificate courses choices in Kenya today, this is because companies will always need sales and marketing people in order to grow their business.

Not only that; but sales and marketing jobs offer some of the best benefits such as huge commissions, travel allowance, and more.

Marketing is often viewed as the most important function of any organization making it a marketable course.

2. Certificate in Social work and community Development.

With the emergence of many NGOs in the country, many people with certificates in social work are marketable. Also, most hospitals need people who graduated in community development to help in sensitization programs thus it is one of the best courses if you scored a D+. UN, Redcross, and other NGOs are in demand of the graduates of these courses.

3. Certificate in Electrical Engineering.

With a D+ you can enroll for certificate courses at any polytechnic and pursue a certificate in electrical engineering and electronics engineering. This course is more practical as you might not need to seek a government job but get self-employed if you get a license.

4. Certificate in Library studies

Most schools are being built by the government. These schools will need librarians so as to run their libraries well. So if you got a D+ you don’t need to feel low about yourself, enroll for the course and you will get a job at a nearby school where you can be the school librarian.

5. Certificate in plumbing.

Plumbing is one of the most lucrative careers that people look down upon. currently, Kenya and other countries have a shortage of trained plumbers considering that many housing units are being constructed by the government and also individuals.

These houses need to be installed with good water and sewerage system, thus if enrolling in a plumbing course could come in handy.

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