Citizen Tv Maria Series: This Is Maria’s Biological Father.

Maria's Biological Father.

Maria’s Biological Father.

Maria tv show is one of the most loved shows in Kenya at the moment. The show is aired on citizen tv from 07:30 pm from Monday to Friday and on Saturday at 04:30pm.

The show has gained much popularity since it started towards the end of last year. Maria acts as the main character in the show and she has been rated highly after showing great skills in the show.

Maria has been looking for her father when Sandra kidnapped her and manipulated her mind that William knows everything about her parents.

Maria's Biological Father.

However, Maria has been trying her best to find the truth about her parents and what happened to them. Silas who has discovered that Daniel is his real father is trying to help Maria find her parents.

Daniel narrated to them a story about William and two other men they had business with and after everything was done the two men disappeared mysteriously.

Maria started to connect the story of Sandra and that of Daniel and they something in common. In recent episodes, we have heard Luwi narrated to Maria how William’s wealth does not belong to him but to someone else and Sofia is aware of it.

Unfortunately, after Victor chased William and his family from their own house, madam Vicky tried to talk to him to return back William’s wealth but he denied it. He actually sends his lawyer to evict them from their house.

William was mad at Victor and he decided to eliminate him. Madam Vicky threatened that if anything bad happens to Victor she will expose him about his dark past. Vanessa overheard them and she went to inform Luwi about it.

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Luwi compared it with what Sofia told him in the past and it had something in common, they decided to keep it a secret until when they get the truth.

Maria's Biological Father.

William approached Mejja for the task of eliminating Victor and Mejja was very ready for the job but he told William that eliminating Victor will not solve the problems because there is Sandra, Daniel, and Maria who is the real victim connected to the wealth.

This means that Maria’s father is the real owner of William’s wealth who he might have killed when he tried to demand for his belongings.

Through this, it means that Daniel and William know everything about who is Maria’s Biological Father and what happened to him. This person is likely to be Jackson who was killed.

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