Maria’s Monday Episode; Maria Meets Silas’ Dad, Vicky’s Secret is out.

Maria Meets Silas

This episode begins with Maria on her way to look for the home she was told has a job. She gets there and find a soldier at the gate. She starts explaining how she got to know about the job and a lady will approach.

She’ll introduce herself as Patricia. Maria will say she’s from the ghetto and was told she can be hired help at this place. She says she was sent to look for Patricia. The guard is asked to allow her in.

Lona runs to Dogo and Mary Ann. She still can’t believe Sofia called her and sent her to madam Vicky. While talking, the three receives a message and upon reading it, the shock’s written all over their faces.

On the other side of the house, Luwi receives the same message. He’s thinking of looking for his Dad but the dad is approaching. Luwi says he was about to go look for him. William asks him what is wrong. Luwi shows him the message and asks him if Victor’s biological son. William explains that Victor is his brother, but not his son. Victor walks in. Then exits…

Vicky in her room receives the same message. She looks at in horror. 

Luwi asks his dad who sent the message. William says he doesn’t know, Luwi’s on his case again asking if it’s the friend that Brenda mentioned when she was drunk. Luwi will demand to know how comes Victor’s not his biological son?

Dogo reads the text out loud. “victor is not William’s son” mary ann read her’s as “Vicky cheated on William.” while Lona read hers as “William is not Victor’s dad. Ask Vicky why she cheated on William.” Lona asks them what they’ve all seen.

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Dogo asks how can they even start. Ben and Koros approach the three. Koros asks them if they’ve received the message. Ben reads out his text. “ask victor why he is not William’s son” while Koros’ read “why did you not tell the others that you knew victor is not William’s son” 

Koros askd the others not to stare at him because he too, has no idea what’s going on and is confused.

Ben’s question is why would someone send a message on affairs of the family to the workers, what’s their role in all of this? Lona will tell other’s that it must be Sofia since she had called her with a message to madam Vicky. Koros wonders where pharaoh was.

Bondi’s harassing Thomas demanding that he must smile. He’s filming and when through he sends it to Sandra then calls her to ask if she has received it. Bondi asks if he should kill Thomas, Sandra says no. After the call, Bondi returns Thomas’s line to him. When leaving, Bondi gives him some 50 shillings.

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